For one, I feel my blog should give some sort of inspiration and a call to action (a wake up call at that) to my readers especially in this trying time. One way or the other we should lend a helping hand or offer some sort of comfort, much more (or less) than money can buy ( all na still comfort).
It’s on this basis I came up with this inspiration post in form of a poem… oh yeah, poem you heard me right… I love to write poems too but my first love still remains fashion.
I realised that more often than not I write poems when I am really inspired by what is going on around me. On some other days, I am just propelled by one spirit(not evil spirit oh) and lines keep dropping. Yeah yeah, I drop it like its hot… I hope you all would enjoy my poem. Read on pumpkins…

You seemed only to appear at night
And in the wee hours of the next day you all gone.
When my eyes are closed, you are all over me but then I open my eyes and you make me long for you.

If only we could dream all day and all night, you would be mine forever but since we cannot, I had a better plan for you, I had a better plan for us.
I had to make you stay with me forever, what else would I have done?? Wouldn’t you do same if tables turned??

I couldn’t afford to lose you not now nor never.
And so I had to stop dreaming and start acting , only then I knew I would have you, have you all to myself.
And so I stood up from that bed to make things work.

With a pen and paper I created you, I formed you, I moulded you so that we could be one, one with me forever.
I am no God but a girl who is just in love with you as she is in love with herself.
And you are no man which is very reassuring because I had no fears, no fears at all that you would ever leave me.

I am glad I made you and named you adagirl
Just in my own image and likeness; just the way I wanted it, just the way I wanted you
Now I have you all to myself; alas, what started as a dream is now a reality.

We all need to stop dreaming and start acting. It’s okay to dream but there’s nothing as wonderful as living up to such dreams. The only way this can happen is to start acting. Whatever we want to achieve in life cannot be achieved if we keep lying on our beds dreaming all day and night. We need to act and act fast.
This poem really is just about my own personal experience. I just feel its better to talk to people with your own experiences, that way you can relate better with them and vice versa. It makes them feel connected and one with you.
Now talk to your neighbour and say “Neighbour, stop dreaming and start acting” hehehe… lol, don’t you dare do that…. I hope I have been able to inspire someone today.


  1. First of, amazing poem writing skills, and it was also really inspiring. It wasn’t farfetched, but really personal…. Honestly, for a brief moment I was a bit confused if it was a relationship thingy but when I saw it was about The girl, I laughed… but really great

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