Just Do It

Just Do It… Conquer those fears, start now, damn the consequences and do not fret. I couldn’t have said this any better.
Hi lovers, how’s the rainy season treating you. From my own end I’m really not feeling this weather because it has a way of spoiling my photo shoot plans.I hear some other bloggers are complaining too. The struggle is indeed real.
Just Do it
It’s an inspiration post today and I’m going to stop at nothing in dishing out some dose of inspiration to my readers. I’d be sharing some real life experience with you because I feel it would be more relatable to all of you out there.
I’m pretty sure it’s no news that some of you know that I had the time of my life last week. I literally put up pictures and videos on all social media platforms, haba there was no way I would have contained so much enjoyment, I had to share my moments with you.
Just Do it
Just Do it
So last week I went to Lekki conservation center and oh boy I did enjoy myself not necessarily because there were really nice facilities (in fact I feel they are lacking in this aspect) but because what I thought was really scary that is the canopy walk (although it was pretty scary) turned out to be fun.

If you have been there, you’d agree with me that the canopy walk which is the longest in Africa is the highlight of that center, basically every other thing there is dead or almost dead.
And so there are like five to six canopy walks, one leads to the other and as you walk it gets higher. I’m really scared of heights, it’s that bad that even on bridges I fret too. So you can actually imagine how I felt that day but I had to finish the walk because there was no way out. You either start and finish or don’t start at all. The summary of it all is that I was able to conquer my fear and finish it all.
Just Do it
Many of us encounter such fears even in our everyday lives. One minute we have an excellent idea, the next minute we chicken out of these ideas. I’m particularly guilty of this and I realized that rather than progressing my life was just a merry go round. I actually hated myself for this but then at some point, I felt I was done. I just had to conquer this fear, I had to stop the habit of procrastinating and just Do It. To everyone out there reading this post, No one is actually going to do your thing for you. So stop with the fear and quit trembling. Just Do It.

As usual, would love to hear your thoughts. What do you really fear the most and how have you been able to conquer such??

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  1. Really need this motivation! Love the pictures. They look better that usual. You guys in Lagos are enjoying. We have to pray to God before rain falls here in ilorin and the sun is just angry.

  2. Wow! This place is not that bad but do you know that the reason I have been avoiding this place since is because of fear but with what I have read today I am gonna face whatever fear I have in me. Thanks Ada for these dose of inspiration.

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