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Going by my absence on the blog if any one of you observed, you can tell that these past two weeks ( just before my last post ) have been one hell of a roller coaster for me. I was faced with grave problems ( I’m saying this without mincing words) of light and network issues and to think that I have seen it all, there came laptop issues. I’m sure you all be wondering why i refer to these problems as grave. Well, its simply because they were life threatening problems to my blog or so I thought.
I have never been challenged with all three problems at the same time and so this came with a little bit of shock and completely threw me off guard. To say that I was not daunted would be a far cry. In my own little corner I was pretty little scared and perplexed as to what the future holds for my blog.
There wére days of sleepless nights, mood swings, helpless thinking. It was when I realised that I might have to go home and repair my laptop even after light and network issues have been resolved it then dawned on me that I could make use of my flatmate’ s own pending the time i repair mine. Although these challenges of light, network and laptop issues let me down but then I bounced back two more times than I fell.

This whole experience actually surmises one thing which is no one or nothing really has the power to dim your light or stop your shine. You only have the power to, even the devil cannot get the hold of you. There is so much power within us, power which is so much abused or so much underused. There is so much that lies within us and of which we turn a blind eye to. The power to say no or yes, the power to decide who or what should make us happy or sad, the power to decide who comes to our life to leave some imprints or to take from us.
The power to give in so cheaply or to stand up for what we want and believe in.
Unfortunately many of us do not use this power of ours judiciously thus underestimating the very essence of living. It is only when we come to terms that we can actually prevent somethings or some people to get the better of us, then we start living rather than existing. See me smiling and laughing like nothing ever happened, but seriously nothing really ever happened now I know


BAG: thrifted
SHOE: forever 21
TOP: Ora_o collective
JEANS: thrifted

14 comments on “Inspiration – No one can dim your light

  1. I love your top😍. You couldn’t have said it any better girl, no matter what comes out path it’s really up to us to not let it weigh us. Thanks b and welcome back

  2. Fall 7 times get back up 8 times. You are made to shine girl. No problem can hold you down. Never forget that. I love your Afrocentric twist to the buba. It’s really nice.

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