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Hi pumpkins, how are we holding up. The whole frenzy about the new year is gone and now its the time to sit up and make the best out of this year. 2017 shouldn’t just be another year for us, it should be a better year for us. Every year, I try to map out plans and create a strong will (resolution) to carry out such plans.
One point should be made clear, making resolutions alone this new year doesn’t necessarily make things better for us. It’s just one step in the right direction which can ultimately make the year better for us or not.
What is more pertinent is to carry out such new year resolutions that we have drafted out without leaving any stone unturned. Our plans this new year should be channelled towards making us a better person in all ramifications. Hence this compiled list which can also serve as a framework for you too.
– Love yourself more: No one can love you more than YOU. Loving yourself entails pampering your skin, looking good, taking lots of water, enjoying some breath of fresh air, treating yourself right, doing away with bad relationships, embracing new friendships. Loving yourself implies that you speak positively into your lives, telling yourself that you deserve more than this and working towards the best life has to offer. This actually tops my list of goals and plans because if you don’t do this you cannot carry on with other goals and plans you have set for yourself.
This for me is one step in the right direction, I am more than resolute to look good and love myself more this new year and in the years to come.

-Develop yourself: It is what we feed ourselves that make us who we are. The kind of music we listen to, the books we read, the places we go all play a part in our human development. We should inculcate the habits of reading spiritual, intellectual and soul lifting books. We should spend less time on gossips and side talks. We should indulge ourselves in meaningful relationships. Take out time to attend seminars, conferences and the likes. Invest in yourself, passion, business and family. Doing all of these would make us a better person in and out.

-Build a committed relationship with God: It’s no gainsaying that many of us build committed relationships with humans and more often than not it ends up not being a win win situation for us. So many of us lose and so many of us win. The reverse is however the case when we build a committed relationship with God, everyone is a winner here because God is no man and man is no God. God is worth the time, the sacrifice, the energy and everything and more. Staying true to God is certainly the best thing that would happen to us. Give him a chance in your life and there would be a turn around this year .
Show love, love and more love to everyone
Love is God and God is love. This pretty much sums up the whole thing. Sharing love to everyone we come in contact with shouldn’t be something that comes with the season, it should be an everyday thing. The food we waste would go a long way in putting food on the tables of some people, the clothes we burn would help put a smile on some children. We should go out of our way to show some love. We should love our neighbours as ourselves.

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  1. love the tips!!! loving yourself is very key!! and it’s one area that I have been failing. but that’s in the best. because I’ve learnt no one will love you, if you don’t even love yourself!!!! this is our year of slaying ooo!! so let’s get read of anything that will stand in our way!!!

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