Unregrettably, I have not worked a 9 to 5 job after my service year which is actually so surprising to my counterparts especially when there is so much clamour from our youth and so much pressure from our parents to get a job after service (In other cases, if you don’t get a husband). Their minds have been set to a particulr system that once you are done with school, the next step is to get a job unwary of the countrys’ misfortunes. This post is not intended to make known that which is already evident in our country, rather I am here to share some work style inspiration with you because the truth is people who dress better are typically treated better at work.
So you are out of school and you hit the labour market, your labour pays off and you land a dream job but then life hits you in the way and you are quite confused as to what to wear to work especially on the first day of work, if this is the story of your life then you are in the right place.
I am not too sold on the whole suit thing going on and our weather does not even allow for such and so we should go mild on suits and go wild on busineess casual. With Business casual, you can have this laid back style and not look too serious. There is so much room for comfort which is not to say that you should be seen with jeans in and around the office.
Here are some of the work style tips that can work for you
– Go for comfort: We should play around with slightly loose clothes and not too fitted clothes as this allows us to move freely and makes us sit comfortably while doing our work. If we would be wearing heels, we should ensure that our flats come in handy when needed and they should not be far from us so as to ease meovement in and out of our workplace. I know for a fact that stilettos are not our only option so don’t go breaking a leg
– Invest in basics: Basics like a black dress will always have a home in a working woman’s repertoire and it would surely do you more good if you invest in such basic outfit. Corporate black gowns indeed take the front seat when it comes to work outfits so do yourself nd your workplace a favour by investing in such piece.
– Play with neutral colours: Tops and bottoms in neutral colours also helps. It creates room for versaility as you can pair with any other colour.
– In some other cases go for brightly coloured shirts: With neutral colours in bottoms especially black skirts, the next best thing is to go for brightly coloured shirts however, too much of this can be too flashy for the office and so its best to keep it a little subtle.

So do not be afraid to shake things up in the work place, feel more relaxed and slay like a fashion rookie even at work, you might just surprise
your colleagues with how polished you can be.

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