Hey AD readers, I hope you are doing so well despite this economic recession. So yesterday was our independence day and I spent the whole of that day performing which is actually what we get to do as community development service (CDS) and so I can boldly say that I served my father’s land on independence day.
Today’s topic is centered on “His” denim shirt and why you should steal it. I am not an advocate of evil deeds, I am just one person that feels that if something looks good on you, you should wear it. In other words, take what rightfully belongs to you.
Don’t get me wrong, you cannot try this in a shop or market. You would have your head chopped and unfortunately I will not be there. The reasons why you should steal his denim shirt are as follows
Comfort: I really don’t know about you but as for me sometimes I tend to do away with clingy dresses and tight jeans and go for something more breezy and comfortable. Denim shirts do that for me. Comfort is paramount when it comes to fashion and style and it should be key when selecting our outfits. When you find yourself in some type of cloth, you really need to feel some sort of comfort in that. You can never walk in style, grace and class if you feel uncomfortable.
Dexterity: Denim shirts are easy to use and they come in handy. Our weather sometimes is one that is cold in the morning and hot later in the day and then it goes back to being cold later in the evening, this was the case for me as at yesterday. This actually informed my wearing a denim shirt, HIS denim shirt actually.
Later in the day as it was hot I removed the denim shirt but as I was heading home at night on a motorcycle I had to throw in the denim shirt and viola I became warm again. Its no sky rocket thing, Its just pure sense to know that denim shirts offer some sort of dexterity. When cold, you can put on your denim shirt. When hot you can put away your denim shirt. This is hardly ever the case when wearing other types of outfit.
Versatility: Give me one denim shirt and I’ll show you about ten different ways to style it says every girl ever. If for no reason at all, this is why you should steal his denim shirt. He can’t rock it better than you. For guys, styling a denim shirt is limited in scope. It’s the other way round for girls, we can style his denim shirts in more ways than one.
You know what wearing a particular outfit in different ways does to us, It makes us save more and spend less. We get to use the not so many outfits that we have optimally.
There you go lovelies, these are just a few of the so many reasons you need to steal his denim shirt. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. I would like to thank everyone of you who took out time to show me some birthday love by dropping by the blog, I am immensely grateful and to my new blogger buddy Ilamosi of my style look book series for giving me a birthday treat.


  1. Wow … My former self would had scroll past the write up and view the pix only… But since I started this blogging thing reading is almost a hubby. I love the write up but the problem is who’s denim do I steal? Yours? Because I don’t have a bae

  2. The first and second pics, the outfits there is fitting and good looking on you. I am a fan of girls wearing sneakers… It gives this kinda chicky look I can’t even define. You look good girl.


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