Vintage with modern thrills

I am not a sucker for vintage clothes but when I want to go the vintage way I tend to do it well not forgetting to add some modern vibes to it

There’s no disputing the fact that wearing all things vintage could make you look costume-y and so there is the inept need to be in the good books of fashion by adding other outfits that is not of vintage

While putting up this look in my head with some sort of paranoia(oh girl was I scared… I was pretty scared of how the look would turn out), the idea was to dress up like I was in the 70’s but still look chic in contemporary time and so I opted for the Kurt cobain glasses and white sneakers

This sunshades finished this look on a high note for me and just made me realize how often we undermine the usefulness of such accessory.

I hope I nailed this look and still remain in the good books of fashion. Hit me up on what you think of this style

11 thoughts on “Vintage with modern thrills

  1. Wow! I can imagine how sceptical you were about the look but I can see it worked out well. I’m all for evergreen styling so this is definitely something I’d love to try. Way to go, honey. 😘

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