Trend Alert: The fish net trend and my take on it.

Arrrrggghhh!!!!!! I yelled so hard that my mum could hear. ‘Is it because of cloth you have such attitude on’, she said. Deep down I knew she would never understand, She never ever gets the whole thing about blogging and most times she asks what are all these pictures for. Pfft, story for another day.
Fish net
Fish net
I had no strength left in me to take off my cloth, it was the umpteenth time I was trying to make the fish net trend work for me. Clothes were changed time after time and nothing seemed to work . In front of the mirror stood a distraught girl, tired of everything

It was until then I realized that pop socks and fish nets (especially the long ones) weren’t my thing. I’m sure the next thing on your mind is ‘Why didn’t you stop’ Well, I had made up my mind to after trying this particular one.
Fish net

Fast forward to today is a girl that decided to go for this look. Long story short, trends aren’t for every one and you’d never see me in those long fish nets or pop socks (oh boy, the day I tried wearing pop socks I looked like a primary school girl going for her costume day in school) I rather prefer these short ones and that is why I went for this.
Fish net
Fish net

Outfit Deets
Flowery top and fish socks: @marianclothing_ng
Boyfriend jeans and mules: thrifted
Green purse: random buyer in Ibadan
Fish net

So tell me guys, what’s your experience with fashion trends generally. Are you a passionate lover of trends and what particular trend are you loving lately. Do hit me up at the comment section. I would love to hear from you

6 thoughts on “Trend Alert: The fish net trend and my take on it.

  1. Wow nice, the current trend I’m following is the wrap blouse trend and I totally love it. Thank you ada for all the tips😍😍

    Ps. I’m so lovingggg them mules though

  2. Pop socks and stockings are definitely my thing living a little on the edge of fashion is what I like. You look absolutely lovely in your outfit and your top is tdf. ❀️❀️❀️

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