Three reasons why you should own a Fanny Pack

Here in this clime when we think of fanny pack, those recharge seller bags and the waist bags we use in camps come into mind. While this is right another good thing is that these fanny packs do not longer come in this form. They just got a serious chic update.
Fanny pack

Instead of the ones we associate with tourist dads and road sellers, these bags now come in beautiful leather and other embellishments with names like Chanel and Gucci taking pride in such packs.
Fanny pack

I guess it’s time to kiss your cross body bags goodbye because these fanny packs are beautiful and versatile that your waists would beg to wear.
Fanny pack

These fanny packs have been on the radar since last year and I knew that it will only take a short time to hop on the trend. Seeing celebrities, fashion stylists and style bloggers rocking this trend just makes you drool over this trend.
Fanny pack
The ones made by top class designers are no doubt beautiful but asides it’s beauty there are some other benefits inherent in fanny packs. These benefits are;

• Difficult to be snatched: Since these bags can be tied to the waist or hung around your shoulders, it therefore makes it difficult to be snatched by thieves

• Easy to carry: Unarguably, fanny packs are very easy to carry. Since they are small bags and carry little stuffs, it definitely sufficing to say that. And so your body thanks you later because it doesn’t carry such heavy load
Fanny pack

You can make a bold statement: fanny packs are not the usual bags we carry, they come with such uniqueness that makes you stand out of the crowd. It’s the best way to make a bold statement and can make people take a second look at you.

Fanny pack
Take a look at how I rocked mine and tell me what you feel about this trend. Would you rock it or not.

2 thoughts on “Three reasons why you should own a Fanny Pack

  1. I love the fanny pack look, i was going to d movies dis last weekend nd i really wished i had a fanny pack but i didnt so i opted for a small purse. i wud get myself one as soon as i find a type i like. i like the killer poses.

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