Its no doubt that the year 2016 was made for the choker trend. I for one thought that the chokers are a ’16’s trend, however history shows that its in fact a ’90’s trend that slowly but surely found it’s way into 2016. Yeah yeah, I know we are in 2017 so why still talk about 2016. My bad, I still *scrap that* we still can’t get enough of this trend.

Hi lovely readers, it’s that time of the week where I write about fashion and style in my own little space in this whole wide world, praying fervently that you all read. Just so you know your comments mean a lot, so yeah please do comment.

The choker trend is yet another definitive proof that history repeats itself in fashion. Chokers are fashion accessories that say a lot just in one outfit. Chokers draw a lot of attention which is really not ideal for people that shy away from attention. Chokers speak chic, sexy, hot and fun. Just one choker and viola your fashion game changes all in the snap of one finger.

It doesn’t really seem that there’s going to be an end to this trend as everyone seems to be wearing chokers. Every girl seems to own one choker or the other, the fact that it’s really not expensive doesn’t even help matters *whispers* I hear that the male folk are trying to get a hang of it too, beht why boys *pfft*

Anyways, here’s a sneak peek of how I styled my chokers on the blog. Feel free to feed your eyes and tell me what you think about this trend..

It’s bye for now guysss, till I come your way next week…Oops, I almost forgot.. An IPhone 6 or a camera or some huge amount of money would just be fine this Valentine. So don’t think too far just in case you are wondering what to get for me.

17 thoughts on “THE CHOKER TREND

  1. love this post darling!!! and yes an iPhone 6 or camera and even-money is always welcome?!!!! well fashion is gender neutral so we guys try to experiment and see how far to push it… and yessss to chokers

  2. That second picture is everything. I picked up on this trend, got tired because I saw it on literally everybody but I think I just might hop back on

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