The Beauty In Fashion

The beauty in fashion is beyond mouth can say, ears can hear.. The beauty in fashion is everything and more

Hey sweets, how are you all doing. I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for taking out time to read my blog. I’m so grateful for every word you pen down even though I do not get to say this every time but this really means a lot to me.
But there’s bad news, we are still in the month of January. I know many of you can’t relate to this, but as a federal government pikin (corper shan) it’s so disheartening. Allawee gat me waiting like since forever, plus I can’t wait to be done with service. *whew* ..

Without any further ado we move on to the topic of the day. Most times I ask myself ” What becomes of the world without fashion and style”. There’s so much beauty that lies therein fashion and style, much more than we can ever envisage.
We eat, breathe and live on fashion and style. . This actually comes to play right from the choice of clothes, hair, shoe, accessories we make or have you ever sat and asked yourself “who does not wear a cloth in this world”

Many of us make fashion and style choices unconsciously for instance “Why pick a white top instead of black” or a faux over a top?? (weather) “Why dress down on some days as opposed to dressing up on some days??(mood) “Why wear a short sequin dress to club and not to a church (place and occasion)..Some of these factors help decide our choice of clothes and this is what Fashion and style entails.
Fashion and style is beautiful and a true attestation of God’s work; as all things bright and beautiful, the Lord God made them all.

What’s so fascinating about fashion and style for me is how you can confidently switch looks from casual to chic. How one can transform his or her looks within a blink of an eye. How you need not read some book to get a pass mark in fashion and style, now can you beat that??
How it’s just possible to look so good even without breaking the bank..Well, I hear there is high fashion (for the elites and wealthy) but I really don’t care because the truth is, the world is big enough for every one to shine their shine and there’s no limit to what you can do in fashion and with fashion.

Today, I just tapped into the many blessings of fashion or better still revealed the beauty that lies in fashion and style. I transformed my look from casual to a night look by adding and removing one or two things without completely changing my outfits. There are so many benefits that come from restyling your clothes
– transforming from a day look to night look becomes so easy to do and this comes in handy when there is the need to spend some time with boo or your girls for dinner from work or office.

– You get to save money and more money when you wear same clothes in different wears.
– You make use of your wardrobe maximally. Your wardrobe is put into good use as no outfit stays idle.

Which of the looks do you prefer, pls do pen down your comments. I would love to hear from you…..

17 thoughts on “The Beauty In Fashion

  1. Colour block game is lit! As fashion enthusiasts, we are stuck with making decisions daily which is one of the fun parts of it. My favourite is the athleisure look.

  2. Fashion z really a beautiful thing, it’s lyk d best thing dats happened to humanity aayds food lol, love both looks, can’t decide which i like more tho, i can be down for comfort but den heels are bae 👌

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