The Athleisure Trend

The athleisure trend in one word is wearing your work out clothes or gym clothes outside of the gym…Oops, that’s more than one word. This trend which is relatively new and hasn’t really gained much popularity in this clime seems to have pulled a lot of weight in other countries with so many celebrities rocking this trend all the way.

Hi beautiful people of Nigeria ( yass, that’s right because I like to think that in my head my blog is read by people outside Lagos, positive vibes all the way). Moving on, the Athleisure trend or the active wear as some people would call it has found its way into Merriam Webster dictionary as casual clothing worn for exercise and general use. The athleisure trend stems from the fact that work out clothes are slowly finding their way out of the gym and forming a larger part of people’s everyday wardrobes.

I came across this trend when I stumbled on cassie daves blog HERE and I initially fell in love with this trend. I just feel that many of us have been rocking this trend without even knowing that it’s called the athleisure trend. For instance I know for a fact that I wear tank tops over leggings and pair this with sneakers hitherto but I had not the slightest idea that its some sort of trend.
On the other side, throwing over a sneakers on any skirt doesn’t give it the athleisure look as so many of us would think. It goes beyond that and so it’s on this note I decided to share some basic tips on how to try this look.

Accessorize appropriately: It only takes one piece to transform from gym to street or casual. This could imply throwing over a leather jacket or wearing a face cap or sunshade or tying a shirt over your waist like I did here. The key is to ensure that this transformation shows a sleek and sporty look. You don’t want to be caught wearing a fringe jacket over your yoga pants and the likes.

Don’t look trashy: I feel athleisure feel shouldn’t make you look trashy. It just beautiful to wear work out clothes that are not see through when you bend down. It’s also in our best interest to wear work out clothes that are quick drying, odour resistant and moisture wicking.
Play safe: Since we are relatively new to this trend, it’s pertinent we play safe with colours. When in doubt, stick to neutrals like black, grey and white and avoid all the colour blocking. Then as time goes on and as we get a little more comfortable we can try out more daring colours
I hope this helps a lot. Please drop me a note in the comment section telling me what you feel about this trend and if i fared well in this area. I would love to hear from you. its bye for now guyss, till i come your way next week…XOXO

14 thoughts on “The Athleisure Trend

  1. You look really cool Ada. I really like the athleisure trend, now I can wear my gym leggings to class without feeling like a weirdo lol. Nice post. xx

  2. love love!!! like Subomi I love the athletisure trend and I really wanna style it on my blog too. I just wanna find the right fit. see you slaying with the tote and visors!!

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