That Turban Life

Turban, facecaps, scarfs and hats as little as they may seem have a way of making us become the cynosure of all eyes, hence you really cannot take away these accessories from fashion and style.

Whether you want to switch up your style, make a statement or you are just having a bad hair day, turbans always come to the rescue and have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are the real MVP. This is just a few of the so many benefits that accrues with turbans.

The fact that turbans are highly revered by followers of the SIHK religion and notably worn by Indians in ancient times and how it has transcended into modern day and time and to places around the world just leaves me constantly in awe. All thanks to fashion, and I’m like ” what else would fashion be up to in some five to ten years from now”

You won’t be wrong if you think I would style the turban, as usual I go in the way of fashion and style without looking back. So when I came about writing this post, the pictures that kept coming to mind were those of hafymo’ s. Yeah, she’s one styleblogger I’m low key crushing on. Did I say low key, Mahn I have a mighty crush on her. I stalk her all day, everyday with no regrets, no regrets whatsoever.

She’s the inspiration behind my look but I still did it my own way ( a little spark of Ada here and there). Hafymo is just one girl that has opened my eyes to the world of modest fashion. She just makes me feel that you can still look dashing even when covered up.
Well, this isn’t about Hafymo it’s about turbans but thinking about this, one word for hafymo is turban because she uses it all the time. Hafymo and her turban are like two peas in a pod, saying that they are like siamese twins wouldn’t be going overboard, would it?? because they really do look inseparable…There Ada goes again, digressing.. whew?? *wipes sweat*

Alright cuties, be sure to light up my day by leaving me with your thoughts. I’d never trade this for anything in this world. Much love readers, XoXo..

20 thoughts on “That Turban Life

  1. Slay baby, always slaying evry style tym 🙌 hafymo has a great sense of style so i feel you on dis one, nd she makes modest fashion really beautiful nd all. I love d turban thing but i haven’t come to terms with it yet, maybe cos i see it evrywhere nd m not so much a trend person. Ur ensemble z a 💯🔥 i nid to get me pants lyk dis nd dat kimono olus plus s turban just 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. wao!.. I started falling in love with turban last week and I didn’t regret using one on Thursday. your post came right in time.. well done gal. am proud of u

  3. The turban life is cool, tho it can be on my nerves when I’m trying to get a certain look and it turns out funny. I love hafymo, she’s quite stylish and I love your outfit. The choice of turban colour is bae.

  4. Love this look. Everything about it. Keep it up hun. For some reason, I don’t see myself jumping on this trend because I’ve kind of tried to picture myself in it but it doesn’t come through. There’s no harm in trying tho so I’d probably give it a try. Your style posts are always educative and enlightening. 😊😊. Happy New Month dear
    Life Diary||March

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