Hey AD readers, how are you all doing. I hope we all are still pushing especially in this “change’ so to speak. We still find joy in striving even after so much complaints about how harsh our economy is. What else can we possibly do if not work hard.. Enough of the motivation….hehehehe
Today pumpkins, we would be talking about “that kimono girl”… funny title yeah?? The name “kimono” sounds native. I actually was thinking that the name kimono has to be one of these Asian names but I wasn’t too sure, but hey why then do we have google.
I hopped on to Google and alas I wasn’t wrong, the name “kimono” sure emanates from the Japanese region and it means a thing to wear… “Ki” which means wear “mono” which means thing.
Technically, kimonos are traditionally Japanese dresses. They originally come in robes. Long before now, people wear this outfit everyday as time went on, it was worn by people only in ceremonial days.. Now, who doesn’t wear a kimono even far away from Japan??
It is evident that just like every other thing that evolves, fashion also evolves. What is done today in fashion is likely going to change tomorrow.
In contrast to what we had in the contemporary times, kimonos now come in short lengths. Rather than wearing a cardigan, kimonos still come in very handy.
If you want to look trendy and still cover up you can always throw in your kimono.
Kimono is one fashion piece that has overcome ethnic and cultural barriers as it has and can be seen on everybody..
You can wear a kimono with any thing and to anywhere.. You could wear it to the beach when paired with your swim suit
You could wear it to church over a gown or jumpsuit or a skirt
You could wear it casually to school, party or hangout over a top and Jean.
You can also wear it over an all white outfit to break the white colour look.
I hope that after reading this you would get a kimono and “kim” your way into happiness.

16 thoughts on “THAT KIMONO GIRL

  1. Kimonos are steady becoming a must-have staple piece. I love all the looks especially the one with the LBD and I can’t wait to rock my own Kimono, girlllllll

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