Styling my Tote bag

Happy New year darls. Today happens to be the second day of the week, month and year. How many of us noticed?? I’m so elated and ready to take on the new year with full force. I’m also very enthusiastic that this year would come with so many profound blessings.
My contagious smile doesn’t even depict well enough the numerous blessings I enjoyed in the year 2016 and the ones I’m low-key waiting for in 2017
Moving on, I finally got my tote bag in 2016 and I definitely want to show you how I styled it in 2017.
After days and weeks of admiration in instagram and sometimes being green with envy (covers face) having seen how people especially bloggers looked somewhat street stylish with their tote bags, I couldn’t help but get mine. Lo and behold, I got mine too. Should it be one of my high points in 2016?? naaaa I don’t think so..
A vintage shirt and mom’s jeans just seemed to come up in my head anytime I think of the tote bag, I do not know how that happens but what I do know is that I never doubt my fashion instinct. So I pulled it off just the way I harboured it in mind.
Permit me to blow my trumpet a little louder, just in case you haven’t heard the sound of the trumpet in previous posts, I hope you would hear it now. I thrifted the vintage shirt for 300 naira and mom jeans for 500 naira….Ooops, that was so loud.
And so I hit the road with so much pride knowing fully well that I’m serving some street style with little financial cost. ( Talk about living your dreams)….
I hope you enjoyed this post??. What do you think about the tote bags and street style. If love to hear from you sweets. Happy New year darlings, I hope that in this new year we would be able to fulfil our purpose here on earth.

16 thoughts on “Styling my Tote bag

  1. The tote bag really go well with your outfit, besides am not surprise at how creative you can be with fashion, I knew that in you since secondary school(mghs), just keep the hard work going girl, nice contents

  2. I just realized that my comment didn’t get posted!!!! I had already commented like three days ago!! anyways you already know how much of a sucker I am for totes!! and I loved the mum jeans and I loved your shoes tooo

  3. Look this your look. Because of you I am going to start giving tote bags a lot of attention. BTW, how did you manage to thrift so well, please tell us your secret.

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