Skater skirts have got my heart and I am feeling some skater love all the way…

Hi sweets, happy new month. This month of March is BAE, you want to know why *clears throat* because we were relieved of our duties as corpers. I couldn’t be more elated. Service year isn’t one of my best years but this  made my whole year..
Moving on, today’s topic is none other than skater skirts. I’m really not a skirt person for some reasons I don’t know and I can count the number of skirts that I possess; but when I went shopping immediately I set my eyes on this beautiful soul of a skater skirt, I knew I had to cop it.
On seeing that skirt, my senses culminated and I had started visualising on ways to style it. This is in fact one of the so many benefits of skater skirt – VERSATILITY. Skater skirts serves you with so many varieties. You could wear a skater skirt with almost every other thing.

Skater skirt which is fitted at the waist and flared out into an A line silhouette is all flattering, ever trendy and knows no season  or time. It comes in different array of colours, fabrics and patterns which means that there is a special piece that suits everyone out there and can help solve any wardrobe dilemma.
skater skirt
I styled my skater skirt in two ways ( Day and night look) just to show us the versatility that comes with skater skirt. However, you can style this in more than two ways but for time constraints I narrowed this into two ways.
For the day look or casual feel, I paired my skater skirt with a graphic white tee and a pair of white sneakers. For a more valid statement and to look more playful, I carried my bag in an unusual way by crossing it. You could wear your skater skirt this way to hang out with friends or see a movie. It’s best to keep it simple and chic for such outings so that you don’t look so serious. Remember it’s something casual.

While transitioning to a night look, I ditched the sneakers for my silver heels and wore a more attractive and sensual top without revealing too much.  I ended this on a beautiful note by carrying my silver bag and ta-da Ada becomes a beautiful princess. This look can be worn for dinner dates with boo and birthday dinners with friends.

So there you have it guys, it’s really very simple. The bottom line is to ensure that you get timeless pieces that are versatile as this saves you a lot of stress and saves you a lot of money. Skater  skirts are indeed life savers and has ultimately become my new found love.
What do you think about the skater skirt, pls pen down your comments Would love to hear from you


  1. U styled it beautifully, well done. D way u styled d nyt outfit looks lyk a dress nd ur hair z really beautiful too

  2. Ada is always a princess!!!! I love this look on you, and I love how the top makes it look a gown. really awesome and the casual day look is lit

  3. I like the all dress up one which is weird because I’m a sneaker head but it looks very classy, like the skirt was made for the top. Beautiful smile too.

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