Whoop!! Whoop!! guess whose birthday it is today, it’s no other person than Ada. I feel I have gotten to that point where my parents can actually put me out for sale in the market.
Just before they do that,  I think it’s pertinent  I sell myself first. So this is to all the potential buyers, just so you know what you would be buying, you are actually going to get the first and only daughter from the Ugochukwu family so come prepared with a lot of money because dollar is now about 430 naira or more… lol, just kidding.
I know someone out there is like wow “how time flies” really time flies. This is just like yesterday… I really don’t want to get all mushy and emotional though and I cannot stop blessing the name of the Lord for bringing me this far.
A lot of challenges here and there, stumbling blocks on the way, tough decisions to make and also a BIG GOD on my side. I really cannot explain what I have been through these past 23 years but what I can explain is that My GOD  never fails.
I am forever grateful to God, family and loved ones for pushing me to start up this blog. It was really a tough decision but still a bold step I took in the right direction.
Mistakes, doubt, fear, dismay cannot really describe what my 23 years on earth has been like but I remained and still remain faithful to God knowing that his plans for me are that of good.
I just want to keep enjoying what I do  and hopefully broaden my horizon. I want to be better at what I do and make a name for myself and family. There are so many plans in the years to come and I pray that they all come through.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Graduated from University of Ibadan with a very good result.
I started my blog.( I can’t stop talking about this , I know.. The struggle to starting a blog was real, the reason why I can’t get over it)
I finally started guest posting for another blog called You could check out that site here
I finally started my sewing classes after so much procastination.

PLANS: To become a fashion designer
To create my fashion label
To settle down as in to get married to the man of my dreams (don’t laugh at me please)
Generally to become better and bigger.

WISHLIST: I want an iPhone 6 or s7 ( I know I am not even greedy I didn’t even ask for iPhone 7)
I want a very good camera (canon to be precise)to take better pictures for my blog
I want a small cute car, picanto would do for now.
I want a better blog design.
Wherever you are I can take pains to come and collect my birthday gifts. You have no problem with your choice of gifts as I have already given you a wishlist

THINGS I LOVE DOING / LOVE: I really really love dancing but many of you would not know
I love taking pictures. It’s greatly becoming an obsession
I love talking to the man of my dreams (blushing) almost everytime.
I love my small circle of friends ( they know themselves )

THINGS I’D LOVE TO LEARN: I want to learn how to drive
I want to learn how to swim
I want to learn how to blend my eyeshadow well. ( I know, that sounded a little bit somehow)

Let’s move over to the outfit. It’s no doubt that pictures all over instagram show ladies baring their shoulders in the most admirable way. That admiration can only come through when you rock an off shoulder outfit whether dress or top.
Not until now, I really never wore that thing they call the off shoulder dress and I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on one. But hey,  here I am in my stylish off shoulder dress looking all shades of happy and cute.
I love my dress to pieces, not to worry I would let you know where I got this from. I was late to join the wagon of “bad gang” but better late than never huh!. I think being late has actually paid off.
For those who are still caught slacking in this trend, I bet you can’t beat us so why don’t you join us…..Hop onto this trend and I bet you your life will never be the same.
My dress was made by Ora Couture. She really does not have a page on Instagram but once she’s all settled in you’ll be the first to know.
Can someone wish me a happy birthday now….


  1. happy belated birthday dear, yaaaay u graduated from unibadan i did too tho ur face looks familiar lol, also a fashion designer awwwww! i wish all ur dreams come true in dis new year

  2. Happy belated birthday
    Just stumbled on your blog . your wishlist though…lol
    I love your dress btw..stylish and flirty.
    You can check out my blog when you have the time

  3. Lol we share the same things you wish to learn. I want to learn how to drive too. Happy belated birthday! You look so good for 23. Come and dash me the outfit. I hope all your wishes and dreams come true.

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