Not so basic a dress!!!

The wait is over. I can finally tell you guys about my little secret @ora_ocollective because I just can’t keep hiding this creative side of me in the dark. It’s not the best of ways to unveil my brand but it’s actually a baby step in the right direction.

Hi guys, I know some us might be new here by virtue of seeing my reposts on some pages not mine. I use this medium to officially welcome you and assure you that basic style stips on how to maximally utilize your wardrobe wouldn’t be so far from you. Feel free to join me on this journey.

Many years back when I wasn’t really digging the fashion thing, I was of the opinion that shift dresses should come as simple, basic and free. There shouldn’t be such thing as too much when it comes to shift dresses or so I thought.

However, up until this moment when I got this shift dress all I could think of was fun and summer vibes especially with the vibrant colours on the fabric and so I didn’t want to be too basic. I wanted to take this just a little further. This was just an eye opener that we can actually take our outfits from basic to not so basic hence the title of the post.

Now, let’s go back to my little secret which is in the know right now. This shift dress is actually from my clothing brand @ora_ocollective and it’s off my shift dress campaign. This campaign is geared towards making my brand become aware. Ora_ocollective is a clothing brand for every woman that is all about finesse, versatility, comfort and affordability. That being said, if you are all about finesse, versatility, comfort and affordability then you should follow this brand… Please spread the word and tell anyone to tell everybody

Here is another shift dress off the campaign. If you are all about the comfortable and laid back life then you would love this look. It’s my go to look. A face cap and slides just did this for me

Wrapping up this campaign is this classy white shift dress. It’s good for dinner dates, weddings, church events and the likes. I love the fact that it’s not just plain, I added just an appliqué to bring the dress into finishing. This should also act as some sort of style inspiration for those going for the blogger point summer party. It’s a white themed party and this should help.

It’s time to pen down your comments on what you think about the shift dress. Please don’t go without leaving your comments. Ild love to hear from you.

12 thoughts on “Not so basic a dress!!!

  1. This is a very simple and chic dress and i love that you styled it with sneakers making it super casual.

  2. Dress two and three are my favorites. I love the print of the first one and simplicity of the second one. You’ve gotta love shift dresses, I feel they are no stress clothing and I can’t wait to rock mine. Hopefully I wont have to match with someone else but if so it’s all good lol. Congrats on launching your brand. I love seeing bloggers going a step further with a business. More grease always.

    Princess Audu

  3. I love the blue one and the white one, especially the photo where the arrow on the sign was pointed at you! Wish you the best for your brand, I can see you’re proud to flaunt your creations!

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