Hey sweets,happy new month…I officially welcome you all to my birth month and for the records I have started receiving birthday gifts, just so you all know. I hope everything is going on fine with you guys, I can’t believe I am still up at this time trying to publish a new post. Well, today’s topic seems to be quite different from our usual topics. It’s not bad to actually deviate from the norm once in a while and try out new stuffs. It’s on this note that I decided to show you all my favourite looks from January to August.
Top on the list is this sexy look. One can never go unnoticed with this look. The top and the leggings is a show stopper anytime.
This top actually it’s not a top. It’s a dress, a dress that is way too short, making it look like a long top. Well, I actually bought this dress almost by virtue of being forced to buy it.
Yes ke, that’s right. I also bought this dress with a lot of money( well, not a lot for some people though but to me it is) and because this dress was just too short, I realised that I won’t be able to wear it out. ( so does that mean that my money will just go like that, HELL NO).. I really need to emphasize that. I couldn’t just let the dress lay there in my wardrobe and watch me wear other clothes.
So, I decided to wear this short dress with my leggings and it gave me the most captivating look ever.

The second look which is actually the opposite of the first look is quite simple yet very chic. You don’t want to know how that maxi skirt came about. It’s actually from my mom’s closet. Before now, I wore that skirt at home, running errands and doing house chores in it.
At some point, I decided to really take a good look at the skirt, yes oh, I analysed the skirt well.
I realised I have been wasting such beauty and then it dawned on me that I can actually wear this to church.
So, I wore mommy’s skirt and my off shoulder top to church. Less I forget, that timeless jewellery is hers too. I don’t know how my mommy seems to have a great collection of wonderful things. She is sure a fashionista, like mother like daughter *winks*
The third look actually is an all black look. It really doesn’t take too much to pull off an all black look. With an all black outfit you could wear just any colour to complement the look.
The all black look consists of palazzo pant and my little black dress. Who would have thought so??

The fourth look which is a very casual look consists of a crop top, a palazzo pant and my face cap. This look is not just casual but fun as I was playing around with fashion items like shades, face cap and my big hair.
I would really have loved if my crop top was longer than this a bit so that there will not be any need for a camisole inside. It was not like the camisole was obvious though.

The fifth look has me wearing a vintage shirt and a jeans skirt and ofcourse my face cap. I look so eccentric in this outfit yet very simple.
I am still of the belief that simplicity is key. Nothing is more beautiful than a lady who can combine so many pieces together and still look simple
Which of these looks is your favourite??…Feel free to drop your comments on the blog, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. All the outfits look so good on you👌🏽👌🏽 your mum is surely a fashionista and I bet she likes colours too because that skirt is 💯💯❤️

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