Hey sweethearts, how are you all doing today. It’s funny how this year is coming to an end already. I don’t know if it’s just me but I am smelling Christmas already and I can’t stop singing Christmas songs. It just keeps playing in my head. Who else is looking forward to Christmas.
Ooops, I almost forgot to put up a post today. I got carried away but I was able to realise just right on time that a post is due to be published. So here we are talking about “My life in shorts”.. The only thing that comes to my mind when I decide to take that bold step and wear a short out is the wagging tongues and preying eyes of people. That thought alone sends me back to bed feeling sad
This fashion piece has been relegated in this part of the world. Anyone seen in such eye catching outfit is labelled as irresponsible. In order not to be seen as such, I just wear my shorts and feel at peace with myself at home.
But then for how long am I going to be bothered about what people say and just do what makes me happy. I am an ardent believer of the adage that says flaunt it if you have it… I really do have fine legs but society would not allow me to be great. *tears*.
And so when I stumbled on cassies blog here and saw this picture of her in shorts, there was so much motivation to damn the consequences and just do it.. Lo and behold I did it and this is where it has brought us to “inserts laugh emoji”..
Well, I just did it for the blog. I don’t think I have summoned yet enough courage to wear this out in broad daylight.. This is to people that find it so easy to wear such outfits, some day I just want to be like you…. So basically this is my life in shorts
See you next time darlings… till then, remain blessed.

22 thoughts on “MY LIFE IN SHORTS

  1. Me I’ve bin smelling Christmas since october, d smell just seem to be closer dis month lol anytym i remember xmas z so close by i just get excited within me. About d shorts, when i first saw ur pictures i was lyk i wish i was dis bold to rock shorts lyk dis not knowing we are d same lol. I wear shorts i just haven’t worn short shorts out before but it applies to all my outfits tho, i don’t v outfits dat go above my knees maybe a little above sha 🙁 not lyk i don’t v d confidence lyk i don’t care just dat my parents won’t let ne out of d house dressed lyk dat lol can’t wait to start living on my own 😀 u really do v amazing legs 😍 nd i love ur ensemble

  2. This year has literally ended for me oh. I really can’t wait to start wishing everyone a new year.
    I love your shorts and I love that you decided to rock them even if it’s just for the gram and blog.
    Biko, don’t let the waggling tongues and preying eyes stop you from being great, flaunt it if you got it.
    I can rock my shorts in broad day light as long as I will not be jumping bus sha.
    My Style Look Book Series

  3. If you must wear shorts, Just make sure you’re going with a ride and a place where people don’t really care. Otherwise the eyes on you and the wagging lips of oversabi Nigerians will literally pull off the shorts before you get to your destination.

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  4. I go wit what Tega wrote there. You know the Nigerian mentslity when they see a lady who just want to be free and simpke in shorts and all those ”judginas” come out looking and already cussing your oarents in ther hearts.

    I am still too slim to show case my laps jare… Lol,

    Girl, you look so Chicky… Love the energy you got in the pictures..


  5. am both excited and scared of Christmas….. I mean what will happen when I realize the year has ended and I didn’t do anything with the year? Sighs. look great in shorts, don’t listen to what peeps got to say, I mean even for a guy to wear shorts is still looked down on sooo just take it in stride…

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