Mom Jeans For The Win

Hi darlings, how’s the new year going. Fourteen days gone into the new year already, how did that even happen? I bet it doesn’t even feel like a new year any more. I know many of us made some new year resolutions and I pray that we stay true to those resolutions.
It’s a style post today and we’ll be talking Mom jeans. Prior to this time, any moment the name ‘mom jeans’ pops up in my head a lot of things go on in my head, like what really is this mom jeans that everyone seems to be talking about. Literally, I wouldn’t want to be seen in my ‘mom’s jeans’ NEVER, emphasis on the word ‘never’ because I just surmised to myself, how would I even fit into my mom’s jeans. Anyways, feelings have changed and that’s because I just recently found out (at about the time I wrote this post) that mom jeans unequivocally means the type of jeans that were worn way back before we were born. These jeans were loose, faded and high wasted. its certainly my type of style especially when I’m not down for some skin tight jeans.
With all the hustling in town and the moving around, many of us get tired of shimming into tight pencil jeans and just want to feel a little more comfortable in something loose. There’s only one outfit that can take the place of skin tight jeans and still make us look stylish yet comfortable. It’s none other than mom jeans. Yeah yeah, you heard me right.
It’s funny how we laughed at how our moms back then when they pull of this loose, highwasted and faded jeans and now the younger generation can’t get enough of this trend. Its like eating back our own words.
The mom jeans is back with a big bang and has taken the centre stage in the fashion world; with a lot of celebrities and fashion bloggers rocking this trend. The mom jeans is a true definition of street style.
You could dress up or down while wearing a mom jeans. Personally, dressing down while wearing mom jeans does it for me. I love to wear my mom jeans with sneakers, brogues , slippers and a top tucked in just as seen in the pictures
For some other people, wearing a mom jeans with heels and some blazers performs the magic for them. Whatever your style is, simplicity and comfort should be primary.
How well do you style your mom jeans, I’d love to hear from you.
Hugs & kisses from your favourite girl

14 thoughts on “Mom Jeans For The Win

  1. Yes oh the year is moving fast fast, may we achieve our set goals. I didn’t even know what mom jeans stood for, i jut saw it as a piece of denim to have one of these days. Thanks for the eye opening. I’d rock it with sneakers, brogues and heels.

  2. Saw u on mom’s jeans and i loved it but didn’t know how to style it…but with these tips here, i sure know how to rock it now. Nice one hun.

  3. The best jeans were worn back in the day! That’s why I mostly thrift my jeans rather than buy the ones been sold these days. The old ones usually have this feel (not tight and not to big). You styled the mom jeans well!

  4. ah ah, but I thought I left a comment!!! I don’t understand this browser again!!!! but I agree with Collins that the best jeans are found from thrift stores!! and I really. loved how you styled yours

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