The colour yellow seems to have taken the front burner in my life. I waste no time in picking the colour yellow from my wardrobe maybe because the colour seems to be popping out of my other numerous black and white outfits.
Hi darlings, it’s another weekend to be grateful for. How has the week been? Well, mine has been one busy week. Yeah busy sleeping, eating and sleeping again. This is my life story right now…pfffttt!!!
As meaningless as this may sound,colours play important roles in our life. Well, I didn’t know this for a fact until I heard a woman speak on something called “colour therapy”. Should I delve into this or not. Permit me to be your colour therapist for today.
Colours say a lot about people, their attitudes and their way of life generally. Colours also send signals to people. Some colours gravitate people towards us and some other colours pull people away from us. It’s no news that black colour depicts sadness. It’s in fact that particular colour worn during mourning periods. On the other hand, the colour white signifies perfection, purity and cleanliness.

Many of us will consider this colour therapy as gibberish that was my case in particular but when we take time to fully grasp and analyse this thing called colour therapy we would find out that most of this if not all is actually plausible

For instance, my mum used to tell us that when she got married and moved into her husband’s house ( that is my father’s house , don’t think too far). He had furnished his house with white chairs and white rug. I was really taken aback…like really who puts a white rug in the house??
This is just a pointer to the fact that my dad is one who likes all things perfect, clean and pure and I know this for a fact. Same can also be said of another person who is close to me and whose house is painted with colour white and from my relationship with this person I can tell he is so clean and tries to do things to perfection.
Wow, I have gone away for so long…My bad , I’m deeply sorry. Back to the outfit I realized that over the years I get a lot of compliments when I step out in bright coloured outfits and the colour yellow has been doing so well in this aspect.

So you can tell why I decided to slay in this colour for a wedding I had in OWerri. This dress was made by orao_collective. If you are not following her, please do @orao_collective. She really puts a lot of creativity in her work.
I paired this with a silver heel and silver clutch bag. I had no other accessories on because I felt the colour yellow was doing so much justice already in drawing peoples’ attention to me.
Most times, it’s just best to stick to what works for you and this is not just limited to fashion it’s applicable to all spheres of life. So when next you see me in yellow just holla at your girl.Till then remain blessed and don’t Stop at nothing to read the blog. Thanks for your readership, it’s well appreciated.


  1. There’s something about black people and the colour yellow. Like it was made for us and you definitely proved that with this post. You look stunning dear.

  2. I need to try wearing yellow more as it is one of the few.colours I can realise by sight. lol, love your styling of the yellow dress super nice

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