For the love of maxi dresses, oh yaasss!!!!!
maxi dress
Hello good people of Nigeria, Easter is here already but it sure doesn’t feel like Easter to me. I have an exam this afternoon and instead of crossing my t’s and dotting my I’s as regards preparing for my exams I’m here trying to put up a post. Is this a case of misplaced priorities? hmmmm *scratches head* I don’t think so. I hate to think that my love for blogging is becoming overwhelming. I mean it’s one thing to love what you do and another to do first things first.
maxi dress
So service is over for me and reality is beginning to dawn on me. I’m already feeling the pains of being broke and it’s really telling on me. I really do not want to stay at home.. The goal is just to get paid for what I love doing, travel around the world, be successful and create so much value for my generation. So help me God.
maxi dress
Moving on, today is all about maxi dresses. In as much as I love to wear tight clinging and waist snatching outfits that help accentuate my God given attributes, I still want to be as comfortable as ever in some laid back and relaxed outfits. Maxi dresses seems to be my go to outfit for this.
There’s no denying the fact that we can’t take comfort, simplicity and modesty from maxi dresses. Maxi dress is easy to wear, needs little or no accessorising. With sneaks, sandals or slippers you are good to go.
maxi dress
For this look, I decided to wear my off shoulder maxi dress with my slips. I really did not want my maxi dress to look basic hence the off shoulder plus I love to flaunt my shoulders and I use any opportunity I have to do so.

Most of the outfits I wear on the blog are gotten from @orao collective. She has the best pieces. It’s just an order away. You can follow her on Instagram at @ora_o collective and slide in your sms
What do you think about this outfit, please leave me your comments… Id love to hear from you.


  1. love d dress especially cos it’s off the shoulder. i totally understand u about d nysc part, a great job soon in Jesus name nd how was d exam? congrats on ur engagement btw

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