Hi sweets and how is the weekend going. Most times, I just feel that the weekend is no weekend at all because just when you think that the weekend is about to start and how lit you want it to be, within the the snap of one finger it’s all gone… And to all those who think that Sunday is part of the weekend, I’m sorry but it’s not. It is in fact the first day of a new week *long sigh*
On a brighter note, who watched the inauguration of Donald trump??? .. Well, I’m really not a fan of Politics, I was in a way pinned down to the bed to watch it. I wasn’t really following the whole thinging, not until I saw Melania trump’s dress. That powdered blue dress is everything and the fact that it’s Ralph Lauren.*Wooowww*…
Initially, I thought it was just me but then that dress got so many tongues wagging as I later saw on twitter. There were so many twitter trolls on that dress. I just felt she did justice to that dress. I also liked Donald trump’s speech. Those were my highlights of the ceremony and every other thing that was done had me gazing at the television with interest lost…
That lady in blue is bluetiful..Isn’t that too cute…No, I’m not talking about Melania Trump anymore…It’s me people, the girl in the picture.. It’s so bad that autocorrect actually corrected the word to beautiful but no no I wasn’t going to have that. I was going to do it my own way, so today i’d be using the word “bluetiful” instead of “beautiful”
I hardly ever wear that blue dress. Since I got the blue dress in 2015 for my final year dinner, I have only worn it three times including today. I just felt that this would be a perfect outfit to style and show my readers even if it just means wearing it for the blog. So there you have it readers.
I styled it in the simplest way ever.. With just my clutch and heels, I was good to go

17 thoughts on “LADY IN BLUE

  1. Nd d dress z really pretty o, if i had a dress lyk dis I’d v worn d life out of it lol, blue looks really great on u btw.

  2. I love the layers the dress gave and the white shoe is just perfect touch. I totally love Melina’s dress, she reminds me of Queen Diana of Wales in a way , either ways she nailed her look very stylish.

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