Head wraps, turbans and other accessories take your style from zero to hero. Its no wonder people now step out in head wraps as opposed to wearing so much jewellry and the likes and I’m already toeing that line. You know you can’t catch me slacking on these beautiful things.
Hi sweets, how y’all doing. Hope your week was lit and your weekend????…. about to be more lit, Iniit?? Even if it’s far from becoming lit, this blog gat you covered.
Lately, I see a lot of girls adorn themselves with head wraps especially the ones made of ankara materials. Head wraps seem to be getting all the attention from fashion enthusiasts when compared to turbans.

Head wraps bring a whole lot of spice to outfits and in places where this fashion item hasn’t gained much popularity ,you seem to be causing a lot of stir when you step out in this. “It’s okay to tie a gele, we understand that but not a head wrap” so they said.

That was the situation I found myself in when I stepped out in this all black outfit. I could feel their eyes on my body and so I walked with all the care in this world so as not to fall. But wait, What was I really expecting from a relatively small community that know little or nothing about fashion or style where a large percentage of population here seem to be aging. What could they possibly know?? your guess is as good as mine.
For me their stares and comments were really not a bother. I just walked passed it all in a gaitly manner. However, your comments actually do mean a lot to me. So what do you think about the headwraps, would you be trying them any time soon. Do hit me up on the comment session.
Also due to popular demand I’d be showing you various steps on how to tie this headwrap
– If you feel your Ankara material is too much fold into two
– then put over your head such that you can tie in front
– After tying, create a doughnut(like a small circle )
– And boom you’d be looking like a million dollar stash of cash.

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With love from Ada

Bye guys


18 thoughts on “ISSA HEADWRAP

  1. Head wraps are so gorgeous. Just haven’t gotten myself to working with them yet. I feel like there’s this edge they bring to any outfit. I think that with time you become bold and not think too much about those staring eyes. Lol.

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