I’m here for flared hands and stripes

Hey guys, I’m here for flared hands and stripes, what are you here for???
I remember telling you guys that my wardrobe needed a change and that I had to go all out for exciting stuffs and outfits I have never really had, well this is one of them.
Flared hands and stripes
Flared pants and stripes
I very much own a lot of outfits with dramatic sleeves only in ‘Ankara’ (native material in Nigeria) but none in modern English forms so when I saw this at the market my heart leaped for joy, it only felt like I have seen my lost coin or more like my missing rib. I like the fact that this came in stripes, It’s quite difficult to get so much goodies in one especially at a cheap price.
Flared hands and stripes

I’m actually not here to bore you but this is how I styled this. I was tired of heels, so I ditched it for my flat shoes, wore a jeans skirt and was good to pose just in front of the camera.
Flared hands and stripes
I hope you love this look, how well would you style your flared hand tops and stripes

Shoes:atmosphere ( a friend gave me as a birthday present)
Top : a random boutique in Owerri
Every other thing is thrifted

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