How to slay while you save this Christmas season

Hi guys, it’s been like forever and I’m really very sorry. I got caught up with a lot of things that come with adulthood. I am hoping that next year would mean more time for the blog as it’s still my first love and that isn’t going to change.
It’s no doubt that I’m a sucker for slaying on a budget and with the pressure that comes with Christmas and the need to get new stuff (which shouldnt be paramount this season anyways) Ild love to share some tips that I have found useful over the years of being an adult
So basically, this post would teach us how to slay this season and still save a lot of money. Here are the tips
– Thrifting : this tops the list all the time when it comes to slaying on a budget. As much as this word ‘thrifting’ has been used overtime, the importance of this word can’t be undermined. A lot of outfits this season would be going at ridiculously high prices, so your best bet is to go thrifting. Select quality outfits at cheap prices, for example this slit dress here was thrifted at 500naira and I honestly did not haggle the price with the seller, and I’m thinking what if I bargained with him how much would I have bought the dress.

– Take advantage of Sales: there is no better time than now to take advantage of sales. A lot of fashion stores would be displaying some items on sale both offline and online, make good use of this opportunity while you save some money in the bank.

– Not everytime Instagram: I don’t know if you do this, but a few times when I see some outfits on instagram or anything I like I try to check local stores around me for those things. All the time I do this, I realize that these items are cheaper at the local stores than on Instagram. For instance; this sneakers I’m wearing here was bought from a local store, that way I was able to buy it cheaper and even cut down delivery rate because when you buy at a local store around you, there is really no such a thing as delivery charges
-Restyle, Restyle and Restyle : Make maximum use of your wardrobe by restyle and wearing your clothes in different ways. This helps to cut down on expenses for new outfits, making you save a lot of cool cash

I hope this post enlightens you more. On this note, I say Merry Christmas and a happy new year in Advance. As you prepare materially for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, also prepare even more spiritually as the Lord does not reside in Filthy places, he dwells in a clean and pure heart.

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