Fringe on the street

Fringe- it’s so funny how I can boldly rock this fringe trend when in actual fact I used to be appalled by people who wear them… Don’t take me too serious, that’s me exaggerating
Hi sweets, thank you for the love shown to me on instagram. I was drowning in so much love. I’m so grateful for the comments, likes and well wishes. Without further ado, we would be talking about the fringe trend today
Gone are the days when we used to see fringe accessories like bags, shoes and the likes, the fringe trend has gone a little deeper, more interesting and a little bit hotter as we see people all over the world swaying from left to right in hemlines of blouses, dresses, skirts, jackets and it goes on and on.

If you are not about that basic life, the fringe trend comes in handy as it takes your look from basic to classy. However, we shouldn’t be caught up in this trend and be to stuck on it. It’s therefore pertinent to balance this look by pairing one fringe outfit with another minimal outfit say a fringe skirt and a black shirt as I did here as opposed to wearing too many fringe outfits thus looking too costume-y.
The fringe trend seems to be having the time of it’s life. More interestingly is the fact that it’s pulling a lot of weight in Ankara fashion and I feel it’s a sight to behold.
My skirt is from @ora_ocollective, it’s my start up fashion brand. Pls do follow if you are not. I paired my ankara fringe skirt with a black chiffon shirt and black heels just so that I don’t go overboard with it. It’s bye for now guys, pls do leave me your thoughts as to what you feel about this trend..Xoxo

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