Doing It The Dungaree Way!!!!

Hello sweet hearts, I trust you doing fine. My heartfelt gratitude goes to all my readers, I love you all immensely and I thank you for doing what you doing… If no be for you, where I go dey, wetin I for do…*sings*…I think I’m getting too emotional right now *tears drop* ( aunty, you better watch it)
Well, today we will be talking about the dungarees. Please how is this word “dungarees” actually pronounced?? Is it as it is spelt?? You don’t want to know how I actually pronounce this, you’d laugh your hearts out.. Enough of the English lessons biko.
Call the dungarees old school or new school, for me the dungarees is everything and I am about to do it the dungaree way. I know this outfit is a 1990 look, but as stylish beings we have a way of bringing the good old looks back.
So this is calling all the ’90 fans and new school lovers of fashion to wear some make up and put on a dungaree. The dungaree is back on the radar with full force, you know why, because things can only get better in fashion.
The dungaree is also the finest way to layer up for some of us that find it hard to layer our outfits.
Who says you cannot wear your dungarees to the office?? You can do this by keeping all things minimalistic which implies donning a white shirt on a black dungaree or throwing in your blazer.
Are you still sitting down there, run and go get yourself a dungaree. I am sure you don’t want to carry last..

Top: Miskay boutique
Dungaree: thrifted
Shoe: gift from friend
Bag: chanel
Glasses: Dior
Wristwatch: Michael KOrs

Thank you for stopping by, till I come your way next time. Remain blessed.

26 thoughts on “Doing It The Dungaree Way!!!!

  1. Totally digging this look. Dungarees is a staple every cool kid should have in her wardrobe. It is a classic and never going out of trend. I wore a ripped dungarees in one of my recent blog posts. You should check it out. Ciao! ๐Ÿ˜…

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