This shouldn’t even be a bone of contention or some sort of debate, there’s nothing like too much denim provided you know how well to style this fashion piece.

Hey lovely readers, finally its the month of February. I bet you can’t even tell how happy I am, having to wait for January to come to an end. That was Damn too long. And so since this is the month of February I’m low key waiting for that special gift from boo. On another note, Dear February just be as succinct as the number of days that you truly are

Moving on, today we would be discussing about that trend that is yet to leave the lips of so many. The trend that we really cannot get enough. That trend that keeps making hits back to back, its none other than denim, denim and more denim.
For those who think that denim on denim is an absolute no-no, the gospel truth is that it actually looks beautiful only if you use the right combinations here and there. However it is some what imperative we understand how this trend works.

For some strange reason (yes, strange because I really cannot fathom why), this trend seems to work with fits, texture, wash, (of which you can sometimes call shades, colours or hues), proportion, weight and so on making it a tad too tricky to style and sometimes leaving us with a migraine just in the process of cracking our brains on how best to style it, but I would lend a helping hand by sharing some basic tips so that we can better grasp this whole theory of this denim trend

– Don’t go all out wearing other denim accessories like denim hat, denim bag or denim. Keep all things simple by limiting your denim to just clothing.
– It’s in your best interest to avoid all things matchy matchy, try to wear different shades of denim like light shades on darker shades and vice versa.
– You could glam up your denim game by trying on some heels or spicing it up with a different blazer.
– Ensure that your denim pieces fit you perfectly. Avoid Ill fitted or baggy pieces and even if they are, it should go well with your body size.

That being said, if you really are tired of the whole double denim trend you can take it a little further by doing the triple denim trend. Like I said earlier, it’s all about denim, denim and more denim.
What do you think about this trend, I would love you to think out loud so that I can hear you. It’s bye for now sweets, See ya!!!


  1. Why so foine, why so stylish 😍😍😍😍😍 love d look lyk u killed it 😍 denim was made for you 🙌 d cap nd sneakers just gave it all 👏 I’m still waiting on a collabo btw u nd Collins o *side eye* 😑 as per, stylish bloggers in ilorin ✌

  2. Yes. A total yes to your outfits. I’d totally rock them. I love the versatility of denim. It can’t legit be styles anyhow. Corporate, casual, chic, retro.
    (Sorry I haven’t been commenting on your posts. I’m back and better now boo)

  3. I love how fun denim can be and there’s nothing like too much denim tho I agree with the denim add ons, no hat and all that. Blazers or a throw over bandana is fine to spice things up.

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