A crispy white shirt (button down) is indeed a classic and timeless wardrobe essential for every woman. CLASSIC because you can hold onto it just a little longer and wear it for years to come and TIMELESS because the awesomess that comes with a button down white shirt is perpetual even as trends come and go.
crisp white shirt
crisp white shirt
Hey lovers, how are you all doing. Its the third month of the year already and I am hella excited because my days of serviced year are numbered. Today we would be talking about this crisp white shirt I am sure a lot of us possess..
crisp white shirt
From days of going for interviews down to days when I was a chorister back then in church to days when I had nothing to wear or had so many things to wear but was in such ill luck to pick something simple, the crisp button down white shirt has proven to be my trustiest little piece of clothing.

This ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE which I say with so much emphasis is pretty much underrated in this clime as many of us wear such outfit only on formal occasions missing out on so many other benefits of the button down white shirt.
crisp white shirt
The versatility that comes the white shirt is top-notch and this outfit is worth investing in. Ever since I recently got one, there has been no looking back. I might as well get another one, yet another one and another one but why should I when I can completely change the whole fashion game by wearing just that same one in different ways ON and FOR different occasions.

So when I say it’s worth investing in I am not far from the truth. A crisp white button down shirt is one fashion piece you can buy now and wear forever.

Here’s a sneak peek of how I styled mine.
crisp white shirt

crisp white shirt
What are your thoughts on the crisp white button down shirt and how well do you style it


  1. I really love how you paired it with ankara shorts. I don’t think ive seen that before. Ankara skirts, yes but not shorts.
    I want a white shirt now😭

  2. I love how playful you look in your pictures and I can tell you have a lot of fun while taking them.
    On a related subject, I love the shirt, I completely agree with you about it being a timeless piece and definitely an essential closet item for every lady.
    I love your ankara shorts too.
    My Style Look Book Series

  3. I really love how you styled the white shirt. You shorts are to die for! Pretty colours. Check out how I styled mine here –

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