Colour blocked or colour pop- the choice is yours to make

Whew, what a title…Some pop of colours to brighten your day or some colours to block them haters. The ball is in your court, decide which one is yours
Pop of colours
Hey people, it’s going to be a long holiday. I know so many of us are beaming with smiles already. This holiday is much needed especially in Lagos where everything is basically stressful. In fact everyday should be a holiday….pfft, that’s far from reality

The norm is that I take you on a journey through my personal style and give you tips on how to style a particular outfit so that you don’t look basic and boring, however today’s topic would be treated from another angle. I’m not going to bore you with how to wear colour blocked outfits because the truth is I basically have no idea how to.
Colour pop
All I want is that you feed your eyes on this beauty of a dress which has since lost its essence up until this moment. I have had this dress for about two years and I have only just worn it twice. Now that’s so unusual of me, I mean I always loose count of the number of times I wear my outfits. Quite frankly, I’m a repeat offender of clothes – a proud and happy one at that.

But hey look at me right now, trying to loose touch with this particular outfit, as usual I get to wear it just one more time ( perks of being a style blogger) and it might just be that one last time because the dress is out growing me already.

I just might have basically allowed the dress to be in sync with my heels and go well with my bag by limiting my self to just two colours but what happens to leaving your comfort zone and going all out to try different colours.

I gave this one more thought and the rest is history. Just like I said earlier, you can see this in two ways. One of which is some pop of colours and the other which is colour blocking. The ball is in your court.

It’s bye for now guys. Please leave me a message as to what you feel about this outfit. As usual I’d love to hear from you guys. Just so you know you are forever in my hearts.

24 comments on “Colour blocked or colour pop- the choice is yours to make

  1. I like colour pop as the title, it truly suits this look with all those bright colours. On twitter I actually thought this was a two piece and was surprised to see that this is actually a dress. Love the neckline, very eye catching.
    Princess Audu

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