Color blocking on Valentine’s Day, Why not??

It’s Valentine’s Day soon while some people are neutral about this day, a lot of other people hold this day in high esteem. There is a lot of frenzy that comes with Valentine’s Day especially on social media platforms. If it’s not style bloggers dishing out content on where to go or how to dress, it’s the different vendors offering products you can gift to one another at unbeatable prices.
A lot of us prepare for this day and expectations are really high, but are you really prepared if you haven’t selected the perfect outfit for that dinner with your partner or brunch with your girls. Whichever way you want to spend your Valentine’s Day, I have got you covered as always.
Without much further ado, can we get down to business. So for the perfect valentine look, I decided to move outside the box but not too far away though so that I still keep it simple. I decided to go colour blocking.
For those of us that are not in the know of what color blocking is, here is the simplest breakdown you can understand. Colour blocking is the process of wearing multiple solid colors in one outfit. A lot of other people say it’s an act of wearing opposite colours on the colour wheel in one outfit, but the truth is I don’t even know the opposite colours on the colour wheel, same can be said of other people. What I do instead is to pick different bold colours and many times when I do this it comes out well.
I’m not here to lecture us on the DO’s and DONT’s, I just want you all to take a cue from this outfit and wear your outfit just as you want it with no one telling you how to or what to. It’s your style girl, own it. The key to colour blocking is using at least three multiple solid colours in one outfit,

Outfit Deets
Red dress: @youslay_ng
Bag: thrifted
Shoe: thrifted

What are you wearing on Valentine’s Day, do let me know down in the comment section. Till next time, LOVE AND LIGHT

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