Happy sunday guys!!! I hope service was lit today.. My posts are getting tad too late for publishing. I think I am beginning to take more and more pictures even before I write my posts…This works well for me since I have my pictures ready before publishing a post. I don’t think I’d be this judicious in an eight to five job. Talk about following your passion.
The Lagos Fashion and design week got wrapped up yesterday and I am supposed to be writing a recap on that, however NYSC had other plans in store for me. I have taking it upon myself never to allow NYSC spoil my vibe. So this is me looking on the brighter side of life with so many LFDW to attend in the nearest future
Let’s move on to the topic of today “Church flow” right away. The question that pops out in my mind when preparing for church is if I can slay for the world, why can’t I slay for God…. However, I am often reminded that God isn’t after our good sense of dressing but after our hearts and I just realised that most times when we feel we want to slay for God, we actually slay for the people in church.
Many of us are guilty of that, we take so much time and effort in looking good to church and pay less attention to God’s word.. Now I hear someone say “Preach on, preacher”…lol…This doesn’t still take away the fact that we also need to dress well to church and for God but with moderation as the focal point. Apparently, we wouldn’t want to be caught wearing outfits for clubs to church.
For some of us, Sundays are the only days we get to cover up.. (I am very guilty of that)..On this particular day, I decided to wear my favourite pants to church. It’s one fashion piece I never regret buying because I tend to style it in more ways than one. This I paired with my recent collection ( a top ) which I bought way too cheap…
Talk about frugal spending and still looking beautiful…
What do you think about my style?? How well do you cover up for church? Till I come your way next week, Have a fun filled week

15 comments on “CHURCH STYLE

  1. Wow, you are so beautiful girl… And your outfits are cool… But the first pic got me laughing especially the way you posed for it.

    Pretty lady. Muuuuuah…

  2. those pant and giving me life! im definitely on the idea of slaying to church for God when in actuality, it is our heart the count; gotta make ammends.

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