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Hey darlings, I know this is coming a tad too late but it doesn’t change the fact that we are still in the festive season so please permit me to say Merry Christmas to you all.
I need not ask how you all are doing because definitely we are doing fine with a lot to eat and drink and enough places and concerts to attend. It all comes with the season. It’s the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, what can be merrier than this, huh?? absolutely nothing.
It’s in the spirit of the season that I thought it wise and duly of me to share some Christmas outfit inspiration which of course is coming later than normal apparently, better late than never ain’t it??.
With a lot of places, parties, events and concerts to go, looking all glammed up can get a little bit difficult for some of us and so in this vein, it’s just only human for me to share some outfit inspiration post.
Jesus is the reason for the season and red or white alongside other colours like green and gold are colours of the season, having this at the back of mind helped influence my choice of clothing and style. It’s on this basis I try as much as possible to cover up and show little or nothing to the world. I also settled for the all white look.
For this outfit I ditched the red colour because I felt it too cliche and I didn’t want to be the 100,000th person wearing the colour red this season. I wanted something different and so I opted for the colour white and flowed with the all white look.
I paired a white net top with a white pant and a pair silver heel and silver clutch bag. Apart from the heels and pant which was sewn , all other fashion pieces were thrifted. Ooops!!, I almost forgot to tell you I am a proud and heavy thrifter in case you didn’t know, I should add that in my bio some day…
You could also wear a lace white dress, lace tops with white pencil jeans, red off shoulder bodycon dresses, maxi dresses wouldn’t be bad too. Ensure you stay classy this Christmas and avoid too much jewellery. Try to keep it simple as simplicity always rules
Have any idea where I am?? .. I am definitely not in Lagos. I am somewhere in a little village in Owerri and I must tell you Christmas in the village is far different from Christmas in Lagos..
Merry Christmas once again darls, till I come your way next time. Remain blessed.

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  1. I love d all-white especially d flared trousers, really chic 👍 So i heard village Christmas z more fun dan d city’s. Merry Christmas dear.

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