Hi hi!!!.How are you all doing… This year is coming to an end already and it came with it so many events, the highlight of which is Trump’s victorious win. I’m so thankful that I have being able to achieve one or two things here and there. There’s a lot more to do and there’s still ample time for improvement.
I know what you all are thinking.. Yet another denim style post. Naaa , far from it… I’d be talking about my basic Tee which also doubles as the only t shirt in my wardrobe..
The title of this post makes me reminisce about my days in secondary schools where we were taught similes, metaphors and the likes…( as blind as a bat and the rest of them) but the good thing is that we aint talking academics here, we are talking style.
A basic Tee is what it is – “basic”. There are so many ways you can style your basic Tee, from denims to plain skirts to peplum skirts to dungarees. The list is endless. You can never go wrong with a basic Tee.
And so for this post, I paired my t-shirt with a denim skirt I thrifted for just 300 ( Can someone shout halleluyah). I have really never gotten something of this quality for that amount, So yes I’m sure you can understand now. I also wore yet another denim choker made by me. It’s sadly becoming an obsession because I diss the sewing of clothes all for denim chokers.
The basic Tee is all in one, so much cuteness in just one fashion piece. The basic tee is simple, fun, chic, cool, street style and all depends on the slayer.
In other news, please who is going for the blogger point party (bennymakachi, miralabelle, theshakaragirl, labakeany, zonna) Do let me know please If you’ll be going. I suck at making new friends and meeting new people. I need someone I can talk to at the party just before we start connecting with other people. Praise Abu my blogger wife just slyed me by saying she isn’t going.
Reamin blessed dolls, till I come your way next week…. byeee

21 thoughts on “AS BASIC AS A TEE

  1. I bought a similar skirt for 1h just recently, i was lyk “are u sure” she sed yes dat she hasn’t bin makng sales nd she wants evrything to go. I ended up buying d skirt, nd two gowns fr 3h, talk about bin at d ryt place @ d ryt tym 😀 i cN boast of just one tee okay maybe two in my wardrobe, i shud get more *thinking* d ones with prints on dem are d cutest. Love ur outfit 😍
    All of u are goin to v fun again @ a bloggers xmas party eh, making me all jealous. It would be fun since u’d be in company of pple with like minds so i suggest u go with or without ur blogger friends.

  2. At first glance i thought it was shorts lol. Was bout to say 300 is a good price but after reading Jolaade comment you were cheated lol. Love your hair

  3. You are so creative dear,you see , one thing I love the most is surfing the net and also love playing my way through the net, if you know what I mean, but never thought blogging was this interesting and fun not until I started following your site and other blog sites, now after creating my page for almost a year ago ,am happy to start all over again, I will start posting on my blog very soon, just because of the inspiration I get from you, I pray the Lord will continue to strengthen you, thanks

  4. Kindly pass on the shades to me hehe…. lovely outfit. Maybe u could do a tutorial on how to make denim chokers. that would be nice

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