A DIY ( Do It Yourself) Tutorial on denim choker and a Blogger Recognition Award

When I see girls adorn themselves with denim chokers, I just laugh and say to myself that some girls are really loosing it… No offence please. Now see who really is after this trend and is practically conducting a DIY ( Do It Yourself) tutorial….Yeah I know, you can laugh at me all you can, I deserve it.
I never for once thought that I would conduct any DIY tutorial, having seen a lot of other bloggers do this I often feel bad and ask myself when I’d join the wagon. I think God saw that his little daughter was unhappy and then he opened my eyes and provided me with some insight.
I am super super excited on this one. Let’s get started sweets..  A denim choker is an easy peasy one to do. A quick and easiest one to do is having to just cut out an old Jean in the measurement of your neck and then sew in your press button at the ends of the denim and then  ta-da you have a denim choker.
However I took it a way further by doing something different.
For today’s tutorial we would need a cut out Jean, taperule, scissors, needle and thread, press button and if need be some chalk and something you can use to turn your denim inside out ( I used a screwdriver here)
Step 1: Take down the measurement of your neck, cut out the denim in the measurement of your neck and fold
Step 2: Sew from top to bottom almost at the end of the jean vertically
Step 3: After that, sew at just one side(either top or bottom) of the jean or denim vertically.
Step 4: turn the denim inside out by using a screwdriver just almost at the side of the denim you sewed vertically(step 3) Let it look like you trying to put in the tip of the screwdriver into your denim and drag the denim down. This is actually a bit of an Herculean task. I hope you get my explanation though. After dragging the denim down,the screw driver that was put at the bottom into the denim together with the denim comes out.
step 5:That way you have turned the denim inside out. you would surely have something like this
Step 6: sew in your press buttons at the ends of the denim.
Step 7: just because I like to do things my own way, I added a little bit of design so that it looks different from other denim chokers I come across with. I just cut half of the denim choker all through to the end.
I know this tutorial seems a tad rough. I would definitely improve on this. It’s bye for now. See you guys rocking your denim chokers.

Now to the blogger recognition award, thanks to Praise Abu of my for nominating me.
To accept the award you must
1. Write a post to show the award (ongoing)

2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
Thanks to Praise Abu once again

3. Give a brief history about how you started blogging
My love for fashion and writing started when I was way much younger. Back in secondary school,  I used to write articles and poems for my school magazines. I also admired and envied a lot of fashion slayers when I was much younger and then as I grew older and started buying things for myself, everyone loved whatever fashion item I bought and wanted me to get for them too. However this wasn’t what propelled me to start a blog. The main driving force to starting this blog was boredom just after university and the fact that I felt my life was wasting having to wait for NYSC program. This especially, coupled with the fact that love fashion and writing gave birth to the blog

4. Give two pieces of advice for upcoming bloggers.
First, there is the need for you to be original. There can be no one like you. When you are original with your content, there would be no such thing as plagiarism. Just be true to yourself and dish out content on your own level of perception. Try not to copy others
Second, improve on yourself. There is always room for improvement.  I am still improving and so is everyone else. Things can only get better. There is the need for better content, better ideas, better pictures and the likes.
5. Nominate 15 deserving bloggers
On this note I nominate the following bloggers
akin faminu
desire iyama

18 thoughts on “A DIY ( Do It Yourself) Tutorial on denim choker and a Blogger Recognition Award

  1. I have love and interest on sewing but the time isnt there.. DIY is a very nice concept in some human endeavours including fashion that requires no much experience, but sister, the time isn’t there for me even when I went to try something myself. That credit you have there, don’t tell me you have loaded it, loooooool… Just kidding.

    You beautiful girl.

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