How to make fur slides and a flower skirt

I am all about slaying effortlessly on a budget and overtime my mantra has been that one can actually look good without breaking the bank. It is in this light that I try to create new things out of old stuffs {Do It Yourself projects}. Apart from Do It Yourself {DIY} projects, you can also save a lot of money and still look good when you
– Take advantage of Products on sale, for example; clearance sales and black Friday sales. You can participate in the Jumia Black Friday sales by just clicking the ad just above this post
– Go thrifting
– Revamp your wardrobe and restyle your outfits
In today’s post I would be showing you just one way you can actually look so amazing on a budget
Without further ado, Let’s get down to the business of the day. Today’s post is centered on how to make fur slides and flower skirt.
Lately, fur {feather like} seems to be taking the center stage in fashion and there is basically no item that does not have a touch of fur to say the least. From tops to skirts to slides to bag charms to jackets, you name it everyone seems to be adorning themselves with fur and you are about to join the bandwagon.. Yippeeee!!!!
– fur
– gum
– a pair of old slides
– a pair of scissors

All you need do is to cut out just enough fur you think is enough for the slides and place with gum on your slides. then you can trim off some unwanted fur so that the frontline looks even and viola you have got yourself some new slides.
– Any skirt at all but for this post I used black skater skirt
– some flower like accessories of which you can get in Lagos Island

For the flower skirt all you need to is to sew these flowers in sparsely different places on your skirt. You can also use these flowers on your heels or any other outfit you want, it necessarily does not have to be a skirt.

That’s about it for now guys, let me know what you feel about this post in the comment section. Please feel free to share your thoughts

With love from Ada

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