It all began at a very tender age when all I ever had was anything I could make use of to write. All I ever did in those formative years of mine was to scribble down words on tables, papers, beds,anything at all that I could write on. At that time in my life, I never really understood what all that meant, all I knew was that there was the urge to write, other times it happened spontaneously, other times, it came in as some sort of reflex action. As time passed, my love for writing grew.
Later in the years, I started sketching horribly, out of boredom or sometimes when I like to think that I am a very good artist. However, my mom found such works of mine as beautiful and she encouraged me to ride on, you know this usual pep talk mums give. All this I waved aside because I regarded my sketches as ugly. I never stopped at it though.
At some point, I stopped giving out styles from a magazine to my tailor, I started to sketch how I wanted my own dress to look like. There was just this inclination and love for fashion. Asides all of these, I never really dressed well when I was younger but I admired fashion slayers well. When I became fully matured, I decided to take the bull by the horn. I started to buy my clothes and everyone liked whatever thing I bought. Everyone was always asking how I get so many nice stuffs and guess what, all fashion pieces I got at that time and I still get are cheap to some extent.
Putting one and two together, one would know that I love writing and I love fashion and so that makes me what I am today, a fashion blogger. I am hoping to expand and be bigger than this, so help me God.

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